House Painting
Paint your own home is a job that usually is reserved for a weekend and do it yourself. But when you realize all the steps and tools necessary and risk involved, painting your house can become overwhelming, let that job for profesionals, and just enjoy your wekeend.
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Popcorn ceiling removal
This was very popular in homes built before the 1970s but it may contain a form of asbestos, yo need to modernize your space and add value to your home.
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Get a new floor appereance
It is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean
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Popcorn ceiling removal

Have you finally been thinking about removing the popcorn ceiling?

When thinking about removing the popcorn ceiling, several concerns come to mind, mainly the costs and how complicated the process can be.

Next, we will share the necessary information and other important factors that surround the costs of this work. Popcorn ceiling removal is a complicated process and creates a lot of mess. This would be the process when the popcorn ceiling is NOT painted.

1- PREPARATION: The work area should preferably be without furniture, without pictures or decorations on the walls, the windows should be without curtains or blinds, the room or work space should be It will practically cover in plastic to protect walls and floors and prevent dust from spreading to other areas. Correct preparation is the key in this process and keeping the area as dust free as possible.

If we’re painting the walls after then we won’t cover them since we’re painting over after, this is important because you can save on the overall popcorn removal quote.

2- PROCESS: It is not a quick job. After the extensive process of preparing the area, the process of scraping the popcorn ceiling begins. Then sand the whole ceiling and then a skim coat of plaster and sand again to leave the area smooth. This process takes time to dry properly. So, it usually takes about 3-4 days to complete the whole process.

3- PRIMER/PAINT: Once the process of removing the popcorn ceiling is finished, it is time to apply a coat of primer and ceiling paint.

Keep in mind that there are other important factors when you are thinking about popcorn ceiling removal costs, for example: The height of the ceiling, whether the job requires the use of scaffolding, whether the popcorn ceiling is painted, whether there is any damage to the ceiling and we have to replace a sheet of drywall or repair an area, the costs will increase considerably.

In conclusion there are additional factors to consider when removing the popcorn ceiling.

Note: If your property was built before 1986, it most likely has some asbestos fibers embedded in some of the building materials. It is important that asbestos materials are removed professionally before they have the possibility of seriously damaging your health and that of those around you, if you suspect the existence of ASBESTOS, for your safety we recommend doing a test before, there are several qualified companies to do this test.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

The cost to remove the popcorn ceiling that is NOT painted starts at $6 to $10 per square foot and there is a minimum cost per project of $1,800 + hst, this includes all materials (prep, plaster, primer and paint). Smooth and painted finish.

The price ranges between $800 and $1,200 per room.

When the popcorn ceiling is painted prices start at $10 per square foot and there is a minimum cost per project of $2,200 + hst, this includes all materials (preparation, plaster, primer and paint), a painted popcorn ceiling is more difficult to remove, and the cost will increase.

*It’s also important to know that these prices vary.



$6 – $10


*Includes labour and materials

Basic labor, including scraping and disposing of the debris, planning, area preparation, and cleanup.

“Understanding everything involved in this project can help you build a more accurate budget”

“By removing the popcorn ceiling, you can modernize your home.

You will get something fresh and you will be surprised to see how much bigger your space becomes”

Q- Are you interested in knowing the cost of removing a popcorn ceiling?

Send us by email or direct message the following information and we will give you a free estimate.

1- Is your popcorn ceiling painted or not?

2- Measurements (width, length and height)

3- Will it include painting the walls?